Julie Pelletier

Owner, IGA Extra Famille Pelletier

“Mr. Dubé is an energetic, hardworking, organized person who is very available to his clients and has a multitude of solutions to offer.”

Daniel St-Jean

Owner, IGA Carrefour Laplante

“Every solution Mr. Dubé proposed to me worked instantly. I highly recommend him.”

Dany Benoit

Owner, IGA extra Benoit

“Having obtained very good results with the solutions Mr. Dubé proposed, I would not hesitate to recommend his services!”

Frank Marcanio

Owner, Métro Marcanio

“I had received several complaints from customers and employees about how cold it was in my 17,000-square-foot supermarket. Following the installation of 32 COMFORT PLUS wall fans and a heat wall fan, I not only obtained the desired comfort, but also made a very worthwhile investment. One that will pay back within two years.”

Michel Perrier

Owner, Métro Perrier Martel

“I’m very satisfied. It’s warmer and more comfortable. In fact, in ten years of operation, this is the first time I didn’t need to use supplementary heating.”


1341 rue Principale
Saint-Zotique, Quebec J0P 1Z0

514 891-7283
450 267-3773
450 267-8373


Compliant with the UL 507 standard
Certified CS C22.2 no. 133