COMFORT PLUS Cold Air Recovery Ventilation Fans

COMFORT PLUS Cold Air Recovery Ventilation Fans are easy to use and cost-efficient. They ensure the comfort of customers and staff and an excellent functioning of refrigeration equipment. This ventilation system allows better air conditioning, heating and dehumidification by recovering cold air loss and redirecting that air towards the ceiling.


  • A cost-efficient system that can be used like a real dehumidification and air conditioning system. Thanks to the optimization of the cold and hot air distribution inside the building, it actually helps save energy.
  • It also helps reduce operating times of A/C and refrigeration compressors
  • Provides better comfort to customers and staff
  • Simple and versatile installation that allows recovering of colder air from refrigeration equipment and recirculating it towards the ceiling
  • Perfectly adapted to any commercial environment
  • Low keyed, quiet and effective
  • Easy to clean
  • Ask us how COMFORT PLUS Ventilation Fans can make you recover cold air loss around all of your refrigerated cases


Supermarkets’ sales areas


CFM 214
WIDTH 13.5″
LENGTH 13.5″
VOLTAGE 120V / 60Hz / 0.2A
POWER 10.2 W