Our Company

SMARTREFTM is a manufacturer that develops and markets innovative and integrated thermal balancing systems for the agrifood, commercial and industrial sectors. Our patented and exclusive SMARTREFTM destratification fan technologies allow better heat or air conditioning distribution and greatly contribute to building dehumidification.

Our high-performance products allow our customers to achieve considerable savings compared to conventional systems by reducing their energy bill. SMARTREFTM products also stand out for their durability and affordability compared to other systems, as well as their discreet design and their contribution to significantly reducing environmental impacts.

Vision and Mission

Develop and distribute global solutions in reliable thermal equilibrium and high energy efficiency, in commercial and industrial environments, using green and avant-garde technologies.

Our company has invested more than 3 million dollars in several research and development projects over the past 9 years.

Since 1996, we remained true to our vision that has ensured our sustained growth and propelled us into a high-caliber technological environment. This vision is innovation and the search for ever greener solutions to reduce the impact of human activity on the environment.

Smartref is committed to developing, through strategic partnerships, thermal balance systems whose technologies constitute a model in terms of energy efficiency and impact on the environment. These systems meet the high expectations of our customers by improving the preservation and presentation of food and allow them to achieve at least 25% annual savings in the operating costs of their equipment compared to conventional systems.

Our Values


Listen, serve and satisfy. We offer a wide range of services to building managers and we work hand in hand with all parties in order to satisfy the customer.


Developing products that will reduce the impact on the environment is fundamental and demonstrates our social and environmental awareness.


Highlighting technological innovation, perfecting the control of thermal balance systems and improving equipment performance are key components of our sense of continuous improvement.


Creativity is encouraged and valued by senior management by emphasizing teamwork. Research and development of innovative technologies allows us to improve our processes.